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This domain is 12 years, 9 months old.

Domain Age is the most important factor for obtaining a good and lasting position on Google SERPs. The older domain is at the better position on Google as compared to the younger domain. The older domains have experience and skills to make more wise decisions of information sharing. And, this is what Google wants. The reason why Google consider domain age to be older is that if you are on the internet for a longer time, you must already be publishing the quality content based on the skills and experience. And, this means that your website has made it through all the Google barriers and is considered as one of the best among the competitors. On the other hand, the younger domains are new to the family and will take its own time to make its special place in the Google search results. The younger domains will have to struggle hard to keep up with the competition and move forward and improve the results. And, in this course, a few pushes and pulls are quite normal. The older ones have already established their position but the younger ones are still toddlers. Gradually they will live up to the Google’s expectations and form their own identity.

Often when you launch a new website, there are two ways to get good rankings and a firm position in Google SERPs. Frist is quality content sharing, monetizing it, and keeping the website active. Second, purchasing an aged domain. The first option is quite understandable and you must already be doing it. You are only clueless about the second option which is know how to buy an aged domain.